The Kimberley 4WD Experience – Australian Outback Tour


The Kimberley region offers opportunity for photography in abundance, with its gorges, rock pools for swimming, and waterfalls.

The remote beauty of the far Nth West of Western Australia, is so far, not too exploited. The sheer cliffs, and rock formations are quite breathtaking, and present in shades of nature from tropical greens, through red and purple.

Tranquil billabongs (or waterholes) and waterways offer superb reflections, when captured in evening or early sun.

The Australian native bird life is plentiful and the river crossings and camp sites offer an abundance of fresh water crayfish of all descriptions, to supplement the diet, on your 4WD outback experience.

The Kimberley landscape is dotted with ant hills, and boabs, (an unusual bloated looking tree), of all shapes and sizes, and despite the sometimes slow going of 4WDing you never tire of seeing them.

Some of the areas that are explored, as part of your Kimberlie experience, are so out of the way, that to see them, you have to hike, or take a helicopter flight.

This is true of The Mitchell Plateau which can be described as almost the last frontier. The access road is definitely by 4×4 wheel drive and is well worth the effort.

As this 4WD oz trek heads up into the furthest reaches of the far North coastal regions of North WA you will experience some of the most rewarding fishing in this region.

The catch could contain the unusual queen fish, and mullaway, arguably the best bbq cuisine available. After a day fishing, watch the sunset over the water, which is a real treat for those from the east coast of Australia.

Once back on the Gibb River Road, the tour heads into the original Australian cattle industry country of the Far North West of WA and names from the Mary Durack books become a reality. Her “Kings In Grass Castles” becomes a living reality. You appreciate the harshness of conditions that the first Australian settlers to the remote Far North West Australia region faced in the late 1800’s.

The ancient formation of the Bungle Bungle Ranges can not be adequately described, the colour and majesty, forming only part of the overall feeling of awe and timelessness. To hike into the cool chasms and feel as one with your surroundings is unforgettable.

Kimberley 4WD Tag-Along Adventure Tour…

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